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What is HIBO’s Refund Policy?

HIBO Certifications does not accept requests for refund. In case that any prospective client feeds our system with fake and/or illegal and/or unethical details, or comments or elements not suitable with the applicant company and its scope, the applicant will not be eligible for certification.
HIBO Certifications certification committee is obliged to inform the client and give a chance for correcting these unacceptable entries and after correction shall re-evaluate the request, where not acceptable, the certification request will be declined.

Who is this scheme designed for?

a. Organisations that wish to demonstrate to customers that they are ISO 9001:2015 compliant but do not need an accredited certificate.
b. Organisations wishing to keep costs to a minimum and/or do not want the inconvenience of an on-site assessment and do not need an accredited certificate.
c. Those organisations that may seek accredited certificate in the future and use this scheme as a stepping stone.

Are you just selling "Certificates"?

This is definitely not the case! This is a voluntary certification process relying on guided, objective self-assessment and it’s completely legal, since ISO 9001 is not governed by any laws. We follow the relevant Certification process but in an opposite manner in order to make it faster. We have reversed the whole procedure because we believe that it is worse for an organization to be found unprepared and uneligible for an accredited certification, and have this become public knowledge. Instead, HIBO offers the opportunity to have a virtual first audit which, if failed, will remain in our discretion until a second trial. In this case nobody will know anything at all.
So, only organizations that are serious about being certified will follow our procedure for quick certification. In case that the good faith approach isn’t followed by an organization there is a BLACK LIST for them. And we assure you that we notify all the major Search Engines immediately, through our highly sophisticated ERP!

But how can you proceed SO fast with our organization’s Certification?

1. Create your FREE account. Payment information isn't required until a purchase is made. Using your account you can easily add more than one company and as many branches as you like.
2. Answer the relevant self-assessment questionnaire and complete your internal audit. By following the on-line instructions. Immediately get your audit results and if necessary your corrective action plan.
Pay online the EXTREMELLY LOW certification cost (using your credit card or PayPal account) and get your Unique Certificate Number (easily verifiable immediately, through internet when you complete the procedure) and download IMMEDIATELLY your company's Certificate in PDF format.

What is an internal audit?

An internal quality audit is the process of evaluating your organization’s management system in accordance to the International Standards for Quality Management. By registering as a member to HIBO ISO CERTIFICATIONS you will have access to a comprehensive, detailed guide regarding quality management systems, that will help you complete your internal audit quickly and successfully.

How can someone check the validity of HIBO ISO Certifications?

That 's quite simple. At our page there is a relevant section named "Is Your HIBO Certificate Still Valid?". Just click there and insert the Certificate's unique number and verify right away if this Certificate is valid.

When will my company’s certificate appear in the database?

Once you complete the procedure and a payment has been made, you will receive your  Unique Certificate Number which will also be immediately stored in our database. You can use the search engine on the section named "Is Your HIBO Certificate Still Valid?" at any time to check if your certificate is valid as well as the date it expires.

What is the exact cost for an ISO 9001:2015 certificate?

The cost of the HIBO ISO 9001:2015 Certificate is 200.00€ per company. In case that the company has branches, in order to purchase a Certificate for every branch there is an additional cost of 50.00€. The yearly renewal costs 150.00€ per company and 50.00€ for every branch.

Will the scope of my certification be visible on the printed certificate?

Yes, the scope of your certification will be printed and clearly visible on the certificate. You can make any changes you might want at any time during the review period.

Will I be able to make changes regarding my certificate?

For as long as your application is under review by HIBO Certifications (no more than 3 working days), you can make any changes you might want to your certificate information.

What is quality managment, quality control and quality assurance: THE ISO 9001:2015?

The ISO 9001:2015 is the latest edition of the ISO 9000 published by the International Standards Organization, concerning the requirements for Quality Management Systems within businesses of any size.
The real aim of ISO 9001:2015 is to inform managers and business owners of the standard practices for quality control, defined as a series of practices which guarantee that the product or service offered complies with the international criteria for quality, and quality assurance, defined as a system put in place in order to improve customer trust as well as the reliability of an organization. By following these guidelines you will be able to successfully provide a quality management system for your organization.
With these in place, the organization can adopt the best practices for efficiency throughout its structure. Hence, these companies that have been certified are able to boast of customer satisfaction, sense of motivation for employees as well as the intent of the organization’s continuous improvement.

What my certificate will look like

What my certificate will look like

ISO 9001:2015 Guide

ISO 9001:2015 Manual

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Is Your HIBO Certificate Still Valid?

Have you purchased a HIBO ISO 9001:2015 Certificate in the past? HIBO Certifications last 1 to 2 years. Insert your Certificate ID and check if yours is still up to date!


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