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Refund Policy

I.N. Global Cert. does not accept requests for refund. In case that any prospective client feeds our system with fake and/ or illegal and/ or unethical details, or comments or elements not suitable with the applicant company and its scope; the applicant will not be eligible for certification.

I.N. Global Cert. certification committee is obliged to inform the client and give a chance for correcting these unacceptable entries and after correction shall re-evaluate the request, where not acceptable, the certification request will be declined.

Who is this scheme designed for?

a. Organizations that wish to demonstrate to customers that they are ISO 9001 or HACCP compliant but do not need an accredited certificate.
b. Organizations wishing to keep costs to a minimum and/or do not want the inconvenience of an on-site assessment.
c. Those organizations that may seek accredited certificate in the future and use this scheme as a stepping stone.

Who is HACCP applicable to?

HACCP can be used by any organization directly or indirectly involved in the food chain and pharmaceutical industry including:

  • Farms, fisheries and dairies
  • Processors of meats, fish and feed
  • Manufacturers of bread and cereals, beverages, canned and frozen food
  • Food service providers such as restaurants, fast food chains, hospitals and hotels and mobile caterers
  • Manufacturers of prescription and non-prescription drugs and remedies

Are you just selling “Certificates”?

This is definitely not the case!!!

We follow all the relevant Certification process but in an opposite manner in order to make it faster. We have reversed the whole procedure because we believe that it is worst for an organization to withdraw its Certificate and having this become public knowledge, through our website and through the Search Engines, instead of not be certified during first audit and try again later. In the second case nobody will know anything at all…

So, only organizations that are seriously to be certified will follow our procedure for quick certification. In case that the good faith approach isn’t followed by an organization there is a BLACK LIST for them. And we assure you that we notify all the major Search Engines immediately, through our highly sophisticated ERP!!!

As you will see in our 3 STEPS certification process, our approach is based in good faith BUT this doesn’t release the organization from the duty to accept the audit team for the on-site audit when it is formed and be able to travel (and of course if the organization agrees to pay the relevant costs) to the organization’s premises.

But how you can proceed SO fast with our organization’s Certification?

1. Create your FREE IC Global CERT account
Payment information isn't required until a purchase is made. Using your account you can easily add more than one company and as many branches as you like.

2. Complete the relevant self-assessment questionnaire
Following the on-line instructions, answer the self-assessment audit questionnaire and immediately get your audit results and if necessary your corrective action plan.

Pay online the EXTREMELLY LOW certification fees (using your credit card or PayPal account) and get your Unique Certificate Number (easily verifiable immediately, through internet when you complete the procedure) and DOWNLOAD IMMEDIATELLY YOUR COMPANY’S CERTIFICATE in PDF format.

How can someone check the validity of I.N. Global Cert?

That’s quite simple. At our home page there is a relevant link named “Is your certificate valid?”. Just click there and insert the name of the company or the Certificate’s unique number and verify right away if this Certificate is valid.