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ISO 9001:2008 HACCP

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ISO 9001:2008

The real aim of this standard is to provide quality management systems for your organisation. With these in place, the organisation can adopt the best practises for efficiency throughout its structure. Hence, those companies that have been certified are able to boast of customer satisfaction, sense of motivation for employees as well as a chance for improvement for the organisation.


Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points is a safety standard that can be used by those companies that are concerned with the management of food safety for the benefit of the end consumer. Usually, there are a number of tests that are done on the end product. However, HACCP aims at checking on every step of the production step to find any point where contamination may be possible.


When you wish to have your business certified as per the standards above, you definitely have the wish to ensure efficiency in management as well safety of the consumer. There is an impetus for you to achieve both certifications from IN Global Cert. This is how; if you should apply for both certifications, there is a 50% discount you will get for the HACCP certification.