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Affiliate Program with commission up to 30%

IN Global Cert Affiliate program

At IN Global Cert, there is potential for you to earn some cool money with the affiliate program. When you get to invite people to savour the certification services of this company, you have the ability to earn some reasonable commissions.


Commissions with the affiliate program

Every time you successfully attempt someone to seek certification through IN, you stand the chance of getting a 10% commission pay-out on the amount the pay for these services. This shows that the more people you refer, the more you will receive in form of commissions.




Your Profit

up to 10
10% 10 sales, equals profit to you: 
$ 250.00
11 - 25
12.5% 25 sales, equals profit to you: 
$ 720.00
26 - 50
15% 50 sales, equals profit to you: 
$ 1.656.00
51 - 100
100 sales, equals profit to you: 
$ 4.156.00
101 - 500
500 sales, equals profit to you: 
$ 29.156.00
501 plus


We provide you with the tools for the affiliate program

To ensure that you make the best of this program, we have designed tools to enable you attract people to the program as you receive commissions. We have logos and banners which you will post to your site. We manage the shipments, billing as well as the orders which result from your promotion of us.

 promotion tool

We provide you the website, to help you build your client base.
Hereare the steps you should follow:
1. Create an account as affiliate
2. Buy space from a hosting company
(normaly it will cost you about $10 a year)
3. Start promoting you own website.


Keeping track of your success in the affiliate program

You even have the ability of knowing how well your affiliate venture is proceeding in real-time. This is through the OneNetwork.


Free way of earning commissions

You will join the affiliate program free of charge. There are no charges on the commissions you earn or fees in any other form.

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